Thursday, 13 August 2009

The symptoms of Lamborghini Madness

Nothing’s like driving a Lamborghini. It’s definitely better than driving the Vauxhall Astra, or the Renault Cleo, or whatever junk car I’ve ever owned. It’s even better than all the Peugeots I used to borrow from my father during his afternoon naps.

I’ve never bothered dreaming of owning a Lamborghini or even driving it. But I had a voucher for a Lamborghini thrill from my children and their mother on my birthday. So I thought why not. Let’s give it a go. Today I used the voucher and I had a dose of 6 laps in the yellow monster with no speed limit applied. Now I want from my heart that the National Assembly of Kuwait to work out a deal with government to give every citizen a Lamborghini. It’s really worth it. The only problem is that I started to wonder how is it like to drive the Bugatti Veyron. I think I should study my proposal more carefully before it reaches the government.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun.

I disagree with your proposal though. I don't want a Lamborghini. I want NASCAR here in Kuwait. Now that, would be awesome.

ma6goog said...

يا ليتنا كنا معكم

فنفوز فوزا عظيما

اللحن عليك

Manal said...

عليك بالعافية

Keep dreaming

كويــتي لايــعه كبــده said...

Now THAT's a birthday gift
(gonna make the wife read this post)

Happy birthday man

Let's have it... What speeds did you reach in the Gallardo & what track was it on? Specifics man specifics :)

& whats the max speed you ever reached? I'll tell if you tell :)

ZooZ "3grbgr" said...


mashallah 3laich manal

a very smart emoooootional gift

got my heart beatin'


3laik bel3afyah

bss i second q80

what was the max speed!??!?!


Yin مدام said...

Happy birthday and may Allah bless you with many more to come :))

Only a great mind and a loving heart would give a great gift like that :))

Not a great proposal though !!! have you driven a car in Kuwait lately?!?!?


Anonymous said...

do you have a real lambor ?! or a toy ?


Mel7 El7ayat said...

Salam bo9loo7 LoooNG TiMe ;-)shlonkom kelekom?
la7tha la7tha el kel ga3den ygolon HaPpY B-DaY to NOW!!! I thought it was in MarCH MaN!! eheheheh ashoof bedat 3alamat il dictatorship tybayen ;-p al7en 2 b-days bacher etda5en CIGAR ,,, welli 3egbah allah yaster ;-p

b3dain that's the thrill u get men il italians ;-) there are not only world's champions in football (( MOOT 7ARRAH )) ;-p bs ham they make the, argubly of course, best cars ;)
bs when u holisticly see a car you will find that italians are the best ... ;)

3laik bel 3afya ya bo 7amood .. eeeeh bo 7amoood ;-p oo 3ogbal il Bugatti ;-)

كبرياء وردة said...

كل عام وانت بخير وصحه وعافيه

عليك بالعافيه

بس لا تكثر احلام :)

dr-maarafi said...

you are lucky my friend
I think it is time to buy it becaus you liked it and enjoyed driving it and usually these are the main two reasons to buy a car :-)

أحمد الحيدر said...

عليكم بالعافية :)

الزين said...

اول شي كل عام وانت بخير والعمر كله يارب

ثاني شي كان ودي اشوف ويهك بعد ما سقتها


ثالث شي الكلام موجه لمنال


يبي له لمبرجيني يا منال انا معاج


Manal said...

شكرا يا زوز ومدام ين على الكلام الجميل والرائع
لا تطيروني بالسما
الفيديو موجود
اول ما نزل من السيارة ووصل عندنا يم الجمهور

حسبالج بطوف هالفرصة
لما اشوفج بس
ملح الحياة
وعليكم السلام
عاد خل نشوفك بالمطار يوم وصولنا مو قبلها بيوم
وبسك نجرة وتلصق بالطليان

Fernas said...

مبارك عليك الشهر.


Safeed said...

مبارك عليك و على الأسرة الكريمة الشهر
و عساكم من عواده إن شاء الله، باتم صحة و عافية كل عام يا بومهدي

ناي said...

.. تقبل الله أعمالكم

وعظم الله أجورنا وأجوركم باستشهاد مولى المتقين علي بن أبي طالب عليه السلام

(( نسألكم الدعاء ))