Thursday, 31 May 2007

Milton Keynes

We went to Milton Keynes last weekend and met our friends. It was our third time to visit this nice town, but the only difference this time that we were a bigger group. Milton Keynes is the favourite place for many Kuwaitis; some of them spend every summer over there, and some of them even own properties in the area. I think they like it because it’s very modern when compared to other places in the UK. It’s too modern for me. I personally prefer historical places, but we had good company.

Hotels are not very expensive, certainly cheaper than Central London. There are many activities for adults and children. While the women enjoy shopping and eating, :) men and children can try the indoor climbing, skiing, ice-skating, or just bowling.
I tried the indoor climbing. It was more difficult than I’d thought.

I would recommend Milton Keynes for a short stay. You definitely will enjoy the shopping, but to be honest there is nothing much to explore.

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