Friday, 23 November 2007

A lost LOVE

I was about to help a customer but he interrupted me and said: I’ll come back to you soon because I have to look for my wife who went shopping and she is going to spend all of my money.

When he came back he said “I went to look for my lost wife and UNFORTUNATELY I found her.” She replied that she only was shopping. ONLY! She was spending the man’s money and she said only shopping!

It was obvious he was joking and she was OK with that because she was laughing.

The couple were in there sixties and they seemed very happy together. And this man clearly cannot live without his wife. You would envy them for the love they shared and for their lifelong marriage.
Couples from the past accept each other, support each other, and love each other, and above all they are very sincere to each other.
With society losing its values, this type of relationship is rarely seen these days or at least getting less and less common as people getting more materialistic.
The British government is planning to introduce compulsory sex education for young children in primary school. I think it is better to introduce love education because love is what the society desperate for. A type of love many people see it as an old-fashioned thing. Or maybe the government knows that love is just like faith you can’t make people believe in it if they don’t want to.


kila ma6goog said...

good move

eshda3wa said...

i think the perception of love has changed...
its what the other person can give u
not what the two of u provide eachother

العرزاله said...

المغريات زادت وصار اسهل تحصلها

Aldenya said...

i agree with you
The sincerity in love at this time differ from the previous concepts

حمودي said...

love is just like faith


Maximelian said...

should we introduce sex esucation in kuwait ?? I think u need to discuss this topic in the next post:)

Salah said...

Thank you all for your comments.

I've just posted an article about Sex Education as Maximilian requested.

Reyna said...

You write very well.