Wednesday, 7 November 2007

A Small Town

A lady was talking today about the reasons why she and her husband moved from Manchester to a small town in Wales. She mentioned many reasons and one of them was that in the small town everything seems to be friendly even the bank. She said when she goes to the bank here she doesn't feel intimidated from the security measures she used to see back in Manchester.

I agreed with her. But I thought that with globalization every place will be just the same and there won’t be a friendly place any more.

I didn’t tell her what I was thinking because I didn’t want to spoil her beautiful dream, the dream that she lives at her new home peacefully and happily for the rest of her life.

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الزرقاء و ندى الجنة said...

dont you think you need to be more optimistic.? Thank God you did not tell her what you were thinking of.