Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Milton Keynes AGAIN!

Just come from Milton Keynes, this was the fourth time for us!

This town is only 40 years old. It is about 50 miles North West of London. Usually in other towns and cities in the UK there’s a long history of existing societies, but MK was built like a new settlement. The place was chosen in the hope that many people would move from the crowded London. Have they succeeded in their plan? It attracted many Kuwaitis any way.

Although we had a great time, I’m not sure if it was a perfect choice for a holiday. I don’t think it’s the best use of our time in the UK to revisit the same town 100 of times in every break we have? I think we should see new places, other towns, museums… etc.

But we have a friend who likes MK a lot. He’s convinced that it’s the best meeting point for all of us (5 families). I wish he graduates soon. Not only because I’m so good, and I wish people good things to happen to them, but also because we want to try somewhere else!


ManalQ8 said...

ماعليه سبقتني بالموضوع


بس طريقتك حلوة

مشكور على الرحلة حلوة


Anonymous said...

الحمد لله على سلامتكم جميعا ،وناسة الأهل تسوى الدنيا و اللي فيها و إن شاء الله تكونون استانستوا واليايات أكثر من الرايحات إن شاء الله، انت انسان تؤمن بتعددية الرأي و لكن المرة الياية لا بأس ببعض التعسف في الفيتو إن أمكن


شـقـــــران said...

العزيز صــلاح

ترى ولد أخوك سميناه راكان

ومشكور على الموضوع الخاص بمولودنا الجديد

الله يخليله لنا ويحفظ عيالكم وعيالنا..وربي يطرح فيهم البركة


وزين كتبت البوست بالانجليزي

واحب أقولك إن أخوك فهم البوست مية بالمية دون استخدام القاموس

وإن شاء الله الربع يتخرجون وتستكشف أماكن ثانية

بس عجبني وإنت تدعيلهم..أحسك تبي تفتك عشان تاخذ راحتك بالاستكشافات

مع وافر الاحترام وصادق المودة



Aldenya said...

شفت لقطات عند منوله
ومبين من الصور ان الرحلة كانت جدا ممتعة
بس ترى . حلو الواحد يروح كل مكان بالدولة اللى فيها
عشان تكون ذكرى جميلة وممتعة بعدين

eshda3wa said...

MK is nice

bs fee amakin WAYD a7la

u should definitely go out and about!

Salah said...






الله يسلمك ويخليك

تصدق انت مو أول واحد ينصحني باتباع اسلوب أكثر دكتاتوري



الله يخلي لك راكان ويتربى بعزك ان شاء الله

والحمدلله ان البوست عجبك وبالانجليزي بعد





اي والله أختي المفروض نجرب اماكن جديدة احسن

مشكورة على المرور



Any suggestions?

Delicately Realistic said...

Ive been there....we were gonna buy a house there years and years ago...

Try going to Sheffield, its an industrial city, a few small museums but nothing great. But the shopping mall there MeadowHall is less crowded than Trafford Centre in Manchester. So i recommend going there. Oh and try York, it has a lot of history. its near Sheffield and Manchester, bs nisait how far.

Oh and try Nottingham! Robin Hood's museum is not bad ;>

Delicately Realistic said...

E o 6ab3an 3indik il Lake District.

O deer balik ts2al ilengilaiz wain yro7on for holiday!! Cuz thoghom waaaaaayid ghair 3na......kina nsa3hom ytkalmon 3n Skegness o Skegness....o 3asa ma 7abaw yakhthon short holiday ra7aw Skegness....gilna lazim nro7 hal mokan...akeed 7ilo. Ri7naaaa....Allaaaah la ywareeeek!! M2asaaaaaaaaat! Ilwath3 kan ybachi ;(

Never ever again!

Salah said...

Delicately Realistic:

Thank you for your comment and for the suggestions>

I've been to Lake district and it was a great place. The other places are too far from where I live, but who knows we've been going everywhere recently.